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Behind the scenes in September

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

Here’s what we shipped.

New SDKs coming your way

We’ve released a new TypeScript SDK and have a few more in draft, including Flutter and Sveltekit. We’ve also released a special guide for users of Expo with React Native and made a few updates to the NextJS App Router SDK.

Public SDK generators

Our SDK generators are now public and we welcome contributions from the community, so feel free to start adding comments and suggestions.

Simple, fast onboarding

If you are new to Kinde or start a new business on Kinde, you’ll now get our guided onboarding flow that helps you create an app and connect to Kinde in minutes - whether you are starting from scratch or bringing your own codebase. Learn more.

New home page for stats and apps

When you open your business on Kinde, you’ll be able to see your user count and sign up history at a glance, and also access your application settings in one click, to get your work done faster.

Kinde API updates

New parameters expand the information you can get through Kinde’s Management API.

Small but significant

Up and coming


We’re laying all the foundations for Kinde to be truly international and available in multiple languages, including for right to left languages, and non-Latin-alphabet languages. Subscribe to this roadmap item to be the first to know.

Additional claims

Very soon (but not quite yet), you’ll be able to include additional claims in tokens. You can select what data to add via Kinde settings, or via API. This is a step toward enabling custom claims.

Get help when you need it

Join the Kinde community on Slack for support and advice from our team and others working with Kinde.

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