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Feature flags for everyone! And more

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

In a world where continuous delivery is the norm, we want to make sure you feel in control of what you’re building and what you’re letting out the door.

Introducing our first release of feature flags!

What’s a feature flag? Feature flags are used by engineers to package a feature’s code, and manage what, when and to who a feature is released, in specific environments. There’s a few types of flags in Kinde, and you can learn more about them in our docs.

Feature flags are available to everyone using Kinde.

Please send us flag feedback Treat this release as an MVP version for now, with the understanding that we’re developing a broader suite release management features. If you find issues or you’re looking for functions beyond what we have, make sure you share them in the Kinde Community on Slack. We’re always listening!

But there’s more…

Other great stuff

We’re now ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is the world's best known standard for information security management, designed to help with risk awareness, identifying security weaknesses, and combatting cyber crime and threats. We recently passed a rigorous external audit and can now declare that our systems and processes are aligned with this standard. You can trust us even more. Read about it.

Monitor traffic to Kinde with Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, you can now connect a data stream and track your user’s sign in events. We looked into adding Google Tag Manager, but it’s just not that secure and we’re not taking any risks there. Get started with Google Analytics.

Import organizations in a few clicks

We know a lot of our customers are building multi-tenant SaaS structures, so we have made importing tenants (organizations) a simple process in Kinde. After your organizations are in Kinde, you can import (or re-import) your users and to assign them to the relevant orgs. Import your orgs.

Add unique branding for your organizations

If you run a multi-tenant business using organizations in Kinde, you can now apply unique brand colours and logos to each organization sign up and sign in pages, and emails. Learn how.

SDKs now available for Python and Ruby

Our SDK language and framework library is expanding all the time. If you use Python or Ruby to build your apps, get your SDK and get started with Kinde. Browse all the SDKs.

Keep an eye out for more great features and updates soon! In the meantime, join the Kinde Community on Slack.

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