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AUTHOR: The Kinde team

Here’s a bunch of things you’ve been asking for.

Custom sign-up and sign-in pages

You can now bring your own custom sign up and sign in pages to use with Kinde. This lets you integrate your own designs for the initial sign up and sign in screen, while still get the security of Kinde’s auth (and verification) process. Set this up for your users

Don’t collect first name or last name on sign up 🪪

Make the sign up experience fast, and your data collection footprint light by switching off the collection of first name and last name on sign up. If you don’t need this data, then don’t ask for it. Switch off now

Pre-populate user identity for sign in

Create a smoother sign up and sign in experience for users by passing login_hint with the auth URL. You might include it, for example, in a new user invitation email. This pre-populates the user’s sign in identity, saving them from manually entering their email to register, and every time they sign in. Switch this on

Brand the browser experience with favicons!

Show off every corner of your brand by adding favicons to browser tabs for your app or project. These can be set for your whole business, or for each organization you manage. Add favicons now

Apply light and dark brand themes

Let your users choose a light theme, dark theme, or their own preference to view the sign up and sign in experience. Set the colour scheme for both and show off your brand how you want it to be seen. Set themes

Wildcards can now be included in callback URLs

You can now use wildcards in the Kinde callback URLs. This is helpful if you have multiple subdomains. Learn more

Kinde works with edge worker services 👷🏼‍♂️

If you use edge worker services as part of your project setup, Kinde works with Nuxt on Vercel, NextJS Edge Runtime, Deno Deploy, and Cloudflare Workers. Learn how, and see an example with Cloudflare

Performance improvements

We addressed some reported issues about lags around businesses, and environment creation and switching, which included optimizing token refresh. We’re continuously monitoring and improving performance across Kinde.

Access KindeAI on Discord

We’re excited to introduce you to our trainee AI support bot called @KindeAI, who is now available to the Kinde Discord Community.

Head to the #ask-kinde-ai channel and mention @KindeAI in your question.

SDK updates

The following SDKs have been updated: TypeScript, NextJS, JavaScript, React, Nuxt, SvelteKit, ExpressJS, Flutter, and iOS.

API updates

Kinde’s Management API functions have been updated to cover new features. If there’s a function you need but you can’t find it, let us know.

Subscribe to feature releases

Did you know you can subscribe to items on our roadmap? Find out first when the features you want are available to use! View the roadmap.

Find your community on Slack or Discord

Join the Kinde community on Slack or the Kinde community on Discord for support and advice from our team and others working with Kinde.

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