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Kicking things around in August

AUTHOR: The Kinde team
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In August, all eyes were on the FIFA Women’s World Cup  and the incredible performances from every single player. We screamed, we cried, we cheered, and we wished everyone could walk away with victory. ¡Felicidades España!

It’s a slightly lighter release month, but it’s because we’re laying some heavy foundations for billing.

New in August

The Kinde roadmap is public!

At Kinde, we want to build what you want now and in the future, so we’ve released a public roadmap to make sure we’re on the same page. The roadmap is a living thing that can and will change over time, so make sure you keep telling us what you need.

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Progress on billing

We are making headway on the billing feature. So far we’ve created the upgrade path for Kinde users to sign up to our plans, integrated Stripe as a payment engine, and are working towards a plan builder so we can ship all the infrastructure to you at once. Stay tuned.

Set session token expiry

You can now set a session timeout clock to define how long an authenticated session lasts without user activity. Learn how

Page designer enhancements

Fine tune your sign up and sign in pages by adjusting border radiuses and flipping page elements. Find out more

Access request date added

You can now check when someone first requested access to your product by opening the Users > Access requests list and viewing the Date added column.

API updates

You can now do the following via the Kinde Management API:

  • Add a permission to a role

  • View a list or details of your APIs, add, update, and delete APIs

  • View, create, and update applications

Small but significant

  • New caching changes improve the performance of refresh tokens after users have authenticated.

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