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Kinde feature releases for May

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

Here’s the features we shipped in May, along with a load of invisible improvements.

Webhooks is now available to everyone

Extend your development powers and application capability using Kinde webhooks. Enable Kinde events to trigger actions in almost any system you want. Set off actions based on user signups and profile changes, organization activity, roles, permissions, and more. Control webhooks via API. Start here.

Use Kinde webhooks with Zapier: A guide

Check out this new video by one of our talented developers, Peter Phanouvong!

Delete social and enterprise connections you don’t need

We know many people create test connections when they start using Kinde. We’ve now provided the ability to delete unwanted connections and improve your digital hygiene in Kinde. Delete enterprise or delete social.

Rotate client secret

Secure your apps by regularly rotating the client secret. When you rotate, the previous secret becomes invalid, so you must update any dependent apps with the new details. Find out how.

Three new Javascript libraries

More tools for developers:

  • Kinde Management API JS - A dedicated library for using the Kinde management API with a new simplified fully typed interface. Whether you’re using next.js, nuxt, astro, remix, or other framework, this library helps you manage your kinde account. See management-api-js

  • JWT validator - The best way to validate tokens independently of our SDKs, see jwt-validator

  • JWT decoder - Independent and extendable JWT decoder, see jwt-decoder

Help and docs site update

As Kinde features grow our docs also grow, so we recently updated how we structure the docs to make finding things easier. You can still access search from any docs page, but the easier side navigation menu keeps similar topics grouped. Docs are part our product, so please tell us if you know how we can make them better. View the docs.

Faster fix for callback URL errors

To solve a common set up issue, you can now set the callback URL if you get the error. This means you don’t need to hunt around for the missing data in Kinde’s back-end.

Use Okta as SAML connection

People asked, so we’ve provided a guide about how to set Okta as a SAML connection for enterprise authentication. Check out the doc.

SDK docs and other updates

We updated nearly every SDK document this month to make implementing Kinde easier. We also added new guides, fixes, and made other invisible improvements

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