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Kinde in July - did someone say happy new year?

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

July is that weird month that feels like the beginning of the year, but also the end. Especially in Australia, where it’s winter.

In this new / not new year, we’ve been trying to clear the decks of a few things on our to-do list, and add some fresh dopamine hits for you.

Here’s what went out in July.

New data region! Hello Europe!

You can now select Europe - specifically Ireland - as a data region when you sign up to Kinde. Here’s our blog about why choosing the right data region is important. If you’re an existing business and want to shift data regions, contact us at

Next.js SDKs - supporting new and legacy code

A highly anticipated new version of Next.js was released this year and we’ve made sure you can use it to integrate with Kinde. That’s why we split the SDKs into the Next.js App Router (new) and Next.js Pages Router (legacy), leaving no-one behind.

Other updated SDKs

We’re a developer-first company and so we’re always updating and expanding our SDKs. This month we reviewed and updated our PHP, .NET, Android, iOS, Ruby, and React Native SDKs. View them here.

Kinde Management API changes

You can now create and manage roles and permissions via the Kinde API. You can also assign roles to users via the API as well. See the Kinde API docs.

Email reconciliation on sign in

When users sign up to your app using social authentication like Apple or Twitter, they may not have an email attached to those social identities. Kinde needs all users to have an email for verification, so anyone who signed up without passing an email to Kinde, will be prompted to add one. Read more.

Add background image for user sign up/sign in pages

You can now show off your unique brand by adding a background image to your sign up and sign in pages. Find out how.

Our big dollar feature is on track!

Billing functions are really complex and we don’t want to stuff things up. So we are working through the core processes, risks, and challenges, and hope to bring a beta offering soon - ideally within the next few months. What we can tell you is we’ll offer Stripe integration off the bat, so you can start raking the money in right away.

Kinde testing and performance

As a growing business, we reach new horizons every week. This also means reaching new peaks in user loads and performance demands, which can bring unexpected challenges.

This month, our US Data region experienced an outage for a number of hours due to an unforeseeable spike in user load. This impacted our US customers, and their users, and we unreservedly apologize to everyone impacted.

We’re taking steps to investigate exactly what happened and how to prevent future interruptions. In the meantime, we are doubling down on load and penetration testing, introducing additional caching and rate limiting where appropriate, and scaling our infrastructure to support future demand.

You can keep a track of our system status here. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Don’t forget you can submit your own requests for features, and join us in the Kinde Slack community to share ideas.

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