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May the features be with you!

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

It’s almost the middle of the year and it’s scary how fast the time goes.

So we're using that fear to fuel our development efforts and get out as many features as possible. Here’s what’s happened since April, and what’s coming very soon.

Microsoft Social sign in

You can now configure your app to allow users to sign in using their Microsoft credentials. It’s just a matter of linking Kinde to a Microsoft app. Find out how.

New Kinde helper for accessing support 🧑🏼‍🚒

Next time you sign in to Kinde, check out the new little helper in the bottom right of screen. Access a whole lot of resources, including searchable help topics, community links, guides, support, and more.

Export your data at any time

With Kinde, your data is always yours to access and use. That's why we've made it easy to export business, organization, user, and password data when you need it. We've also incorporated approvals and encryption to protect it during the export process. Check it out.

SDK updates + new SDKs for Elixir and ExpressJS

Our SDK language and framework library is expanding all the time. If you use Elixir or ExpressJS to build your apps, get your SDK and get started with Kinde. If you’re already using our docs, here are some updates that might interest you: .NET, NextJS, React, Kotlin, Python, and Ruby. Browse all the SDKs.

Other big features on the brink of release

  • GitHub and GitLab connected apps

  • SAML authentication

  • Delete objects - like users, roles, and organizations (plus more deletes coming)

  • Event hooks with Zapier

If you find issues or need some advice, we’re always in the Kinde Community on Slack, ready to help.

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