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Mid-year gifts from the Kinde workshop

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

It’s officially mid-year and we’ve been spending our Australian winter hibernating with a heap of new features.

I don’t want to compare our engineers to elves, but there is something magical about how they manage to tirelessly create new toys for our Kinde users, while also working toward the big Christmas 2023 gift: Kinde Billing & Plans 1.0.

Here what came out of our workshop in June:

Custom SAML authentication

This one is for all those SAML lovers out there. You can now add a SAML connection to enable enterprise authentication for users. You need a BYO identity provider (IdP), but Kinde acts as the SAML service provider. Set up SAML.

Track activity with audit logs

View Kinde-wide activity across your organizations and for individual users. Check sign-on events, password changes, acceptance of policies, and more. View logs.

Delete all the things (well, some of the things)!

Maintain good data hygiene practices by cleaning out the objects and entities you don’t need any more. You can now delete users, roles, permissions, and organizations in Kinde. Look for the delete function in the three-dots (overflow) menu next to the relevant item.

Convert subscribers and access requests to users

When you’re ready to give people access to your site or application, you can convert your access request contacts and subscribers to app users. They remain in their original lists as well, but with user access. See how it works for access requests.

Import roles and permissions with user information 👷🏼

When you bring users across to Kinde, you can now include roles and permissions for them. If your users are already in Kinde, you can use the import function to apply roles and permissions quickly. Learn how.

Easily reset user passwords

If your users authenticate with a password as one of the factors, it’s now easy for you to go in to Kinde and reset their passwords. You can also do this via API. Read all about it.

Kinde GitHub updates

We’ve done a big clean up and vastly improved our GitHub docs, including contribution guidelines, PR templates, and security information. We love the enthusiasm of our Kinde users and want to make it easier for everyone to contribute. Check out the new docs.

API updates

We’re also sweating the details by enhancing our Kinde API, adding functions like delete objects (some), user roles and permissions, user updates, and more. See Kinde’s API.

System stability

We had a couple of short moments of degradation this month, so we've worked to improve system stability. You can check on Kinde's system status anytime here.

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