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New features, new plans, better control

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

Last month we released a lot of highly sought-after features.

Enhanced user identity management

We’ve added new flexibility and security to how user identity management works in Kinde. Here’s a summary of changes:

  • Add and manage user identities in the Kinde dashboard or via API.

  • Support for multiple email, phone, and username identities per user - with the ability to identify primary access credentials

  • Delete any identity record for a user: Email, phone, username, social, etc.

  • Select how you treat social and enterprise providers by choosing if they are ‘trusted’ email providers or not for syncing email identities to Kinde.

  • User's profile picture will be populated from Gravatar if they authenticate with an email that has an associated Gravatar profile.

  • Just-in-time provisioning for SAML enterprise connections. When a user authenticates via SAML and they do not exist in Kinde, you can choose to allow them to authenticate and a user record will be automatically created in Kinde.

Set organization-level authentication

Kinde now lets you have different authentication settings for each organization you have. For example, some orgs may have custom SAML auth, and some have email + password or social sign in. Learn how. (Additional costs may apply)

Rotate client secrets

Keep your back-end and M2M applications secure by rotating the client secret stored in Kinde. You can rotate client secrets on any Kinde plan, and if you have the Plus plan, you can choose to keep the previous secret to prevent breaking changes in your code. Start rotating.

M2M scopes for managing API access

Refine access to your APIs using M2M scopes. Scopes define token permissions used by your APIs, and provide a reliable way to control access to API resources. Enjoy secure, flexible, granular control of API functions. Get started.

User-level API scopes

Manage API access permissions for users with scopes and control who and how people access your API. If you want, you can also add the permissions scopes to the access token. You need to be on a Plus plan to access the feature. Read the doc.

Certificates for stronger SAML auth

Keep your SAML auth secure using a certificate and private key pair. Obtain the certificate and private key from your IdP or generate your own. You can add the certificate and key even if you have SAML set up already. Find out how.

Username + passwordless authentication

Kinde now supports a username / passwordless method for user authentication. On first sign in, the user provides an email (for verification) and sets a username. When they next sign in, they use their username and a one-time passcode. Set this up for your users.

Migrate from Auth0 more easily with JSON

You can now import users via JSON when you bring your data from Auth0. This makes migrating to Kinde even faster and easier. Here’s how to import users.

Developer kit updates

Bringing you advanced features with room to grow

Kinde Plus and Kinde Scale plans have been added to the platform to giving growing companies access to features like org-level authentication options, M2M token permissions, lower usage costs, early access to new features, and more. All the features of Free and Pro, with room to grow.

Subscribe to feature releases

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