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Scarily good treats this October

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

We even spooked ourselves at how much we got done! Here’s some of the big hard candy treats Kinde shipped in October.


We put our foot to the floor on this highly requested feature and can now bring you several languages for your users to authenticate with Kinde. Language options include: English (en / en-US / en-AU / en-GB), Polish, French, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Norwegian, Swedish. Here’s the full list of languages we’re working towards, feel free to contribute on GitHub. Enable multiple languages.

An easier way to set callback URLs for multiple subdomains

If you manage multiple subdomains for different user groups in a multi-tenant model, then you might want to use Kinde’s ‘organization handles’ to help you manage your callback URLs. You set the handle once in your orgs, then use a single callback URL template to construct the callbacks. Learn more.

Nuxt module added

The Nuxt Kinde module allows developers to integrate Kinde authentication into existing Nuxt projects. It is still being expanded, but the basics are ready. See the Nuxt module doc or the Nuxt starter kit.

Explicit acceptance of T&Cs

When users sign in to your app or site, they implicitly agree to accept your terms of use and privacy policy. If you want them to, you can now ask users to mark a checkbox to explicitly accept these policies. Set this up.

Connected apps: Google Drive, GitHub and GitLab 🙏🏼

Connected apps are out from beta! Now everyone can use them to integrate existing tools and services, and make them available to users through Kinde. You can now connect Google Drive to enable file access; connect GitHub to enable repository permissions and actions; and connect GitLab to access projects through Kinde.

Learn more about connected apps or get started using connected apps.

Delete applications and APIs in Kinde

You can now delete applications that you no longer use, see delete an application. If you no longer need to have an API registered with Kinde, you can delete it. See register and manage APIs.

Custom domain callbacks for social sign in 👌🏼

Previously, when a user signed in with their social account, they saw a link to your Kinde domain. You can now set a custom domain for all social sign ins that you support, so that the sign in screen shows your custom domain. See the steps to add this for the relevant social sign in.

Makers of health products in the US

We can now accept and assist with HIPAA Business Associates Agreements (BAA) if you're working on a product that handles health data in the USA. Please contact our team for more information.

User sign up options for multi-tenant businesses

We’ve shipped a number of features that allow you to control how and when organizations get created in your business, and how users can sign up to them. These include an option to allow organizations to be created on sign up, an option to allow users to select the organization they sign up to, and an option to allow sign ups to the default organization.

For the devs: SDK updates and more

Updates to NextJS, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, React Native, and many more. Plenty of GitHub README updates - thanks to contributions from our Kinde users.

Find your community on Slack or Discord 🖐🏼

Join the Kinde community on Slack or the Kinde community on Discord for support and advice from our team and others working with Kinde.

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