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Time has March-ed away from us

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

It’s the last day of March 2023 and here’s the score:

  • Some highly requested features are now live and ready to use - see below

  • A couple of really cool things are out now in beta - including feature flags

  • Some trickier features we thought we’d have ready are still in our Kinde dev lab.

Here’s what you can get your hands on now.

Feature flags (Beta)

This is not just a feature, but the beginning of a whole new set of functions to help you manage features and deliver releases to your users. Control who sees what, who can use what, and allow special people early access to what you’re working on. Request beta access now.

New social sign in options

We've added a few more options so you can allow users to sign in using their social accounts, including Bitbucket and Xero. Add social sign in.

Import organization information with users

When you switch from your current authentication provider to Kinde and bring users with you, you can now import their organization details. This means if your business runs multiple user groups through multi-tenanting, all your users will be added to the right organization on import. Switch to Kinde.

Connect Google Drive to Kinde with connected apps (Beta)

Connected apps are a way to integrate your existing tools and services, and make them available to users through Kinde. You can now connect Google Drive to make files and other resources accessible to your users. Connections for Github and Gitlab are coming soon. Request beta access now.

Microsoft Azure AD connections (Beta)

Start using Microsoft Azure AD authentication for your enterprise and government customers. Bring your current auth and user setup with you, and add multiple connections with minimal fuss. Add an Azure connection.

A few other little things

We know the small stuff matters too, so we’ve make tweaks to the following things.

  • When a user clicks the logo on your sign in or sign up pages, they are sent to your nominated redirect URL (usually your main business site). See Design your welcome pages.

  • When users sign up and sign in using social authentication, e.g. Google, LinkedIn, etc, their photo avatar will flow through as well. See Add social sign in.

  • At any time, you can switch your business time zone to match where you are. All dates and times shown in Kinde will update to your location. Go to Settings > Business > Details > Time zone.

  • To make it easier for users who belong to multiple organizations in Kinde, they can now choose the organization they sign in to as part of the sign in flow. See Manage users across organizations.

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