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What's new: Enhanced auth, orgs, API, & more on the way

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

We know it’s been a while. And now it’s socially too awkward to say ‘happy new year’.

The truth is, we’ve been working our keyboards to the nub building a heap of new features since December. We kept wanting to add more in so we could tell you about everything, everywhere, all at once. But what’s the point of that?

It’s time to let you know what’s new in Kinde and give you a sneak preview of what’s coming really, really soon.

Out now

Multi-tenant with organizations

Use organizations to create user groups and organisational segments that match your business model. Ideal for multi-tenanting, set a default organization for users to sign up to, move or add users to other organizations, and set unique roles and permissions for users within in each organization. Learn more.

Secure multi-factor authentication

Accessing your apps and sites is now even more secure with multi-factor authentication. With the ability to apply it for all your users within a few minutes, you can request additional identity verification through email, SMS, or an authenticator app. Set up MFA.

Users can authenticate via SMS

SMS has now been added as an optional authentication factor, enabling your users to receive a one time code via sms to log in to your system. Switch it on.

Enhanced user and team controls

Save a heap of admin time and set default roles and permissions for new users that can be applied when they first sign up or sign in. Set up default roles.

Kinde Management API launches with API docs library

Everything you can do in the Kinde platform, you will soon be able to do via our Kinde Management API. Bookmark this space because it's only going to grow as we expand our API library. Go to Kinde Management API docs.

Reorganized Kinde interface

We've moved a few functions around in the Kinde interface to make it easier and faster to find the tasks you need. There's now a global settings area where you can set top level actions, a specific area for managing organizations, and a central users page for easier control. Take a look.

Easier docs navigation and search

For those of you who love the docs (or have to user them), we've made it easier to find what you need by showing persistent side menus and making the help searchable. We also changed the layout and made accessing the API and SDK docs a lot easier. Go to docs.

Coming soon

  • Export your Kinde data - we don’t want you to, but we want you to be able to.

  • More social sign in options: Bitbucket, GitLab, and Xero

  • Connected apps, including Google Drive and GitHub

  • Kinde event webhooks through Zapier

  • Audit logs for tracking user activity

  • And biggest of all - Feature flags!

You’ll start hearing from us monthly regardless of how many features we have ready. So stay tuned for more news at the end of March.

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If you can’t wait for release notes, you can always pop in and get the latest through our new community Slack channel. Ask questions, get support, and connect with other developers using Kinde. Join now.

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