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What's new in November: Everything auth, apps & APIs

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

Better control for all your applications

Control authentication and access for each application you run by setting different requirements for sign in - such as SSO and passwordless - and token refresh.

This means that if you need to manage access to mobile apps, regular web apps, single page web apps, or any other application type, we've got you covered. Learn more about applications.

Enhanced user access options

You can make your applications accessible by invitation only, or allow users to sign up and sign in using Apple credentials in addition to Google, GitHub and Slack social authentication. Explore all your authentication options.

It's easy to quit your current auth

With a new bulk user import tool, you can easily bring your user data across to Kinde with minimal disruption to your user's experience.

Whether you're switching from Auth0 or someone else, the import tool allows you to get started using Kinde in a few simple steps. Learn how to migrate users to Kinde.

Bring your own domain identity

You're no longer stuck using Kinde's domain for your business, you can now use your own. This means can be just Use your own domain.

Connect with APIs

We're just getting started, but you can now add users through Kinde's API as well as register your own APIs with us. Keep an eye on this space as we grow our API capability. Learn more about our APIs.

(Beta feature) Secure multi-factor authentication

Soon, you will be able to make accessing your apps and sites even more secure with multi-factor authentication. With the ability to apply it for all your users within a few minutes, you can request additional identity verification through email or an authenticator app. Request early access to this feature.

(Beta feature) Support for Microsoft Azure AD connections

We've almost finished adding support for Microsoft Azure AD authentication, which will make it easy to use Kinde for authenticating your enterprise and government customers. You can request to try the feature now, or wait a little while to longer to bring your current auth and user setup with you, and add multiple connections with minimal fuss. Request access to this beta feature.

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