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Get a taste of webhooks, username auth, custom emails, and more

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

We’ve pushed out some high-demand features while adding strength to our Kinde infrastructure. Here’s what we got ready in March.

Webhooks  (Beta)

Webhooks facilitate data synchronization and notifications between applications and services. Kinde webhooks will allow you to create triggers and push event data to other systems. Data will be sent using HTTPS REST calls to verified external URLs. Request access.

Customize email sender  (Beta)

Configure Kinde to send emails from your own preferred email provider. This means your users will receive auth and other communications from your business’s email address, and not Kinde’s. Requires SMTP details to be added to your auth configuration. Request access.

Username authentication 🧑🏼‍🦰 (Beta)

Allow your users to sign in with a unique username as their identity, for password authentication. Request access.

SOC 2 compliance

We’re now officially SOC 2 compliant! We’re very happy to be recognized as adhering to this globally-recognized security and operational framework, in addition to having our ISO 27001 certification. Read all about it.

UK - London data region now live

You can now choose London UK as a data storage region when creating a new business on Kinde. This is helpful if it is your operating location or if your customer base is centred here.

SDK updates

There’s been lots of action and updates to the following SDKs: TypeScript, NextJS, Nuxt, PHP, React Native, Ruby, and SvelteKit.

You can also now request access to a Remix SDK.

New community SDK for Angular

As we continue to enhance and add to our SDK docs, we’re also welcoming community-provided SDKs. These are SDKs written by our customers, reviewed by us, and available through GitHub. Access the Angular SDK here.

Subscribe to feature releases

Did you know you can subscribe to items on our roadmap? Find out first when the features you want are available to use! View the roadmap.

Find your community on Slack or Discord

Join the Kinde community on Slack or the Kinde community on Discord for support and advice from our team and others working with Kinde.

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