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Tokens, flags, AI support, and more

AUTHOR: The Kinde team

The end of the year might be coming, but we’re not slowing down. Here are more of the features you’ve been waiting for!

Token customization (additional claims)

As a step toward enabling custom claims, you can now add specific information to customize tokens in your applications:

  • Access tokens - add roles, organization name, organization ID, email

  • ID tokens - add social identity, organizations

  • M2M tokens - add feature flag (object) information

If you integrate with Hasura, you can also ensure token formats meet their requirements.

Start adding pre-defined data to tokens.

Set feature flag value at the user level

Override default feature flag values for individual users in your environments and organizations, to allow specific people access to a feature. This is helpful for testing and demo-ing, or for giving special access to a feature. The override applies for all environments and orgs the user belongs to in the business. Learn more.

Introducing JSON feature flags

We’ve added JSON feature flag types, in addition to boolean, string, and integer. With JSON flags, you can define a set of key-value pairs in a JSON file, where each key represents a feature or functionality in your application. This might suit you if you use a separate feature flag management system or library for your application. Check it out.

Delete feature flags

You can now keep your flag list tidy and delete unwanted feature flags. Deleting a feature flag removes any overrides that are applied for the feature flag in environments and organizations. The action is not reversible. Delete a flag today!

View MAU in your dashboard 🤹🏼

Track the last 30 days of monthly active users (MAU), and monitor your current amount of total users in the Kinde admin dashboard.

SDKs, API updates, and other little things

Sign up and sign in with phone number (BETA)

We’ve built an integration with Twilio that will allow your users to sign up and sign in using a phone number. We’re stress testing before a general release.

Sign up here to try it out.

Patreon connected app (BETA)

We’ve added Patreon to our growing list of supported connected apps.

Sign up to try it before the general release.

Introducing Kinde’s 24/7 AI support

We’re excited to introduce you to our trainee AI support bot called @KindeAI, who is exclusively available to the Kinde Slack community. KindeAI is an experiment to see if AI can help us reduce the time it takes to answer your questions and get your business back on track.

Want to try? Head to the #ask-kinde-ai channel in our Slack community, and mention @KindeAI in your question.

Find your community on Slack or Discord 🖐🏼

Join the Kinde community on Slack or the Kinde community on Discord for support and advice from our team and others working with Kinde.

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